The Kerala Kalarippayattu Academy (formerly Institute of Malabar Physical Culture) was founded in 1976 in Cannannore by a dedicated group of individuals concerned with the future of Indian martial arts, especially Kalarippayattu of Kerala and adi murai of Trivandrum and Kanyakumari Districts. The name, "Academy," was carefully selected to reflect our purposes, i.e., to become an international center of learning and exchange of techniques, knowledge, ideas, and research on the martial and related healing and meditation arts.

Kerala Kalarippayat Academy is a registered society. It is a member of Kerala Kalarippayat Association under Kerala Sports Council and is also empanelled with the Cultural Department of the Govt. of India under the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi.

While a few masters teach and preserve their own particular styles, traditional techniques, and treatments, they are often unwilling to share these techniques with others. To a certain extent this must always be the case with potentially dangerous techniques, which can and should never be taught to those who might misuse those techniques for anti-social purposes. What is troublesome is that south Indian martial techniques have remained hidden and secret long past its Asian neighbors--the Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian arts have become widely known and practiced throughout the world, and numerous opportunities to study the arts are available both inside the culture of origin and outside.

Presently there is no single institution in Kerala which teaches more than one style of traditional martial training or which attempts to make available to students a full repertoire of traditional techniques encompassing the full range of possibilities. For today's potential students within Kerala who might wish to pursue life-long practice and a vocation in the martial and its related medical arts or for the interested outsider, it becomes a near impossibility to find an institution where a complete compliment of traditional techniques can be learned in an organized syllabus in a reasonable amount of time.
It is our intention to provide such an organized curriculum of techniques, but to do so without compromising either the techniques themselves, the ethics or the traditional context of their transmission.

Consequently, we have dedicated ourselves to a long-term plan of developing an "academy" staffed by master teachers willing to share their art with others in a systematic and organized master plan. These courses of study, both long and short term, will be available to ALL students who reach the appropriate level of accomplishment and show themselves to be a good character.

Specific Purposes
The Academy was founded :

1. To promote Kalarippayattu as a martial art on an international level;
2. To organize, sponsor, manage, and arrange training in a variety of styles and techniques with master teachers of traditional techniques by providing:
 a. Long-term training for local students,
 b. Short-term intensive courses of training for students from the region, throughout India, and from other countries,
 c. Seminars for practitioners and scholars;
3. To establish an ongoing treatment center where traditional hands - on therapies are provided to the local community on a regular basis, and to include as part of the training of advanced students these traditional therapies;
4. To establish and maintain a research center and library able to collect, accept, and house in an appropriate environment palm-leaf manuscripts, hand - written copies, of the same, and other forms of documentation of traditional techniques such as slides, photographs, and Video tapes; and to ensure that these resources are available to all masters, students, and researchers of the martial arts;
5. To encourage and establish a research program in Co-operation with local, regional, national, and international scholars to further document the variety of styles of the Indian and regional martial and related arts and all of their specific techniques;
6. To establish scholarships for local students to enable them to undergo a full time four year course of intensive study culminating in certification to teach Kalarippayattu as a traditional martial and healing art;
7. To advocate on behalf of the development of a pension program for master teachers, and if possible to administer such a program if funds are available.
8. To develop appropriate facilities to realize the above goals;
9. To accept donations, grants, gifts, endowments, etc in order to realize the goals

Current Facilities  
1. Residential Kerala style house where long-term students and / or teachers and their families can reside while in training and or teaching.  This is situated facing one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala - the Payyambalam beach.
2. A small administrative cum treatment, and residential dormitory building, housing, medical clinic office, kitchen for medical preparations, and 3 rooms- term visitors/ students / teachers.
3. A traditionally thatched (Kuzhi - Kalari) pit - Kalari for regular training situated in a village which was formerly the head quarters of the Raja of Chirakkal. 

Courses: -

Kerala Kalarippayat Academy conducts regular certification courses in Kalarippayat, Kalari - Chikitsa, Massage Therapie and Marma Science.

Northern Style
Central Style
Southern Style
Kalari Treatment (Kalari Chiktsa)

Massage Therapies
Marma Therapy
Bone setting
Njavara Kizhi, etc. (Pinda Sweda)
Massage (Uzhichil)
Full body Massage by feet
Full body Massage by hand
Marma Massage
Nadi Massage
Yoga Massage
The important feature of the Academy is that it is the only institution in Kerala that teaches the ancient system of health exercises and breathing techniques practised by the Kalari Yogis through the exercises of 18 animal postures and also 96 exercises practiced by the earlier Buddhist monks of Kerala known as the technique of "Lohar" or "Cheru-Thozhil". These exercises are employed in fighting, massage, health - rejuvenation and physical therapies. It is a form of martial Hatha-Yoga since its origin can be traced to the ancient yoga techniques brought to Kerala by the Aryans combined with the yoga exercises of Dravidian origin who were the original inhabitants of South India.
1) Kerala Kalarippayat Academy is a member of Kerala Kalarippayat Association under Kerala Sports Council.
2) The Academy is recognized by the Ministry of External Affairs(Govt. of India)
3)  Registered with Nehru Yuva Kendra (under Ministry of Human resource and youth affairs).
4)  Member World Martial Arts Union.
1)The Kerala Kalarippayat Academy has participated in the following Intl. Martial Arts Festivals.
(i) Pasqua Del Budo : Italy 1987
(ii) Pasqua Del Budo : Italy 1988
(iii) Budo gala : Germany 1992
(iv) World Martial Arts Festival : Korea 2003
(v) Namaste India : Japan 2003 (Indo-Japan Friendship Celebration)

2) Kerala Kalarippayat Academy has been featured in the following Television Documentary Films:
(i) Warriors of the goddess of war : Pro-Seiben, Germany (1996)
(ii) Deadly Arts: National Geographic Channel - Canada. (2003)
iii)Zee TV,India.
iv)Surya Tv,India

3) The Academy has been featured in the following Intl. Martial Arts Magazines:
a) Samurai : Italy
b) Karate Budo International : Germany
c) Sports Life : Germany
d) Animen : France
e) Karate : Japan (Fighting Spirit Magazine)
f) Pendekar : Malaysia
g) Tatami : Germany
h) Asian Martial Arts Journal : U.S.A.
i) When the Body becomes all eyes: Author Prof. Phillip . B. Zarrilli (Oxford University Press)
j) Spiritual Dimensions of Martial Arts: Author Dr. Michael Malizweski, U.S.A
k) Zendokan,Holland
L)Kung-fu Illustrated,Italy

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